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Restoring Faith in Humanity

July 23, 2012

Since the Aurora massacre, I’ve had my faith in humanity patched up just a bit. Yes, I’m being serious. Some of the people in our amazing country stepped up and demonstrated that heroes come in all shapes and sizes—and that, if evil wants to succeed, it must get through them first.

Inside the theater, people shielded others with their own bodies. They had to know that they could be wounded or killed (and that did, in fact, happen), but they chose to make that sacrifice anyway.

One young man, Jarell Brooks, helped a stranger get her children out of harm’s way. Brooks was shot in the leg for his efforts, but continued helping a woman and children he didn’t know. 

A barely teenage girl—thirteen-year-old Kaylan (her mother requested that the surname be withheld for privacy)—tried to help the six-year-old girl who died. Kaylan tried to administer CPR.

Emergency communications were efficient and, for the most part, calm. First responders, and the dispatchers responsible for getting them where they needed to be, remained calm in a situation that was anything but.

Law-enforcement officers and other, first responders went toward the danger. They had no way of knowing exactly what they’d find when they got there. Even if it’s true that some LEOs were on the scene for crowd control during the midnight premiere, they didn’t have all the information to give to other officers, EMTs, etc. These men and women went there anyway.

Hospitals in the area prepared in advance to receive the wounded. Whether the injured victims showed up in ambulances, squad cars, or privately owned vehicles, people were as ready as possible to give them life-saving care.

Let’s not forget the people at the asshole’s apartment, which was booby trapped with a carefully crafted setup that could have done astonishing amounts of damage. Some responders evacuated that complex and nearby buildings. Others towed away vehicles that were too close to the unit. EOD techs worked together, putting in long hours to solve the problem of dismantling the setup without setting off a fire, explosion, or other, potentially fatal event.

When I see how the people I’ve mentioned reacted to a horrible situation—how so many of them acted selflessly, honorably, and courageously—a little of my faith in our country and her people is restored.


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