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Standing Desk Trials, Day One

August 1, 2012

This is day one of Standing Desk Trials.

For years, I’ve had lower-back problems. They’re almost entirely attributed to my sedentary lifestyle, which is entirely my fault and doing. There’s nothing else to blame; I’m perfectly capable of exercising more, which I’ve avoided for the most part simply because I’m a sloth.

The last few months, I’ve toyed with the idea of a standing desk. Because I’m a writer, and because most of my hobbies take place while I’m sitting on my ass (knitting, reading, that sort of crap), I would probably benefit from standing up while I’m on my computer.

So, because I’ve had more than enough of lower backaches, I looked at my desk this morning. If I tossed one of my Sentry boxes on top to use as a monitor stand, then put the keyboard on the box, I could stand up.

I’m currently looking WAY down at the monitor, which is far from ideal, but I’m off my ass. Also, I touch type, so I’m spending more time staring straight ahead at the whiteboard than looking at my screen.

It’s three p.m. and my legs are only bitching a little. Mostly, my feet are pissed because I’m wearing my crappy skate shoes, which don’t offer enough support for my high arches.

The point of today, though, is simply to see if standing is actually doable. Can I get my crap done without being in agony? Yes. Yes, I can. I feel better, despite the problems with my temporary, experimental setup, than I usually do by mid-afternoon.

I think I’ll talk to one of my brothers to see if he can help me put together a permanent, better setup for this.


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