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This Machine Robs Chick-Fil-A Of…Like, Maybe a Nickel

August 2, 2012

A douchebag stopped at a Chick-Fil-A yesterday to get free water—his idea of sticking it to The Man the organization. While he was at it, he decided to harass the employee working the drive-thru window. Because the employees we see when we visit a retail establishment are clearly the ones who make corporate policies and other, important decisions and, therefore, should be held accountable—to some loser in the drive-thru who isn’t even a paying customer.

He shot a video of himself doing this, but it tragically vanished in what I’m sure was an accident. However, hit the above link—somebody archived the YouTube video for posterity, so you can watch the big, brave man take a stand against intolerance by…being an ass, actually. His jerky behavior was the only hatred or meanness I saw in that entire video.

What a great guy: picking on a woman who politely served him even after he opened his filthy sewer and started spewing condescending crap. She rolled with it, though, and did an excellent job of being above reproach.

Me? I would have entertained the thought of going through the drive-thru window after his smug little face. Then I would have thought better of this bad idea and simply refused to serve him, which would be pretty much what he wanted, I guess. This is why I not only don’t work in retail unless I can avoid it, but also appreciate the people who can do it, and do it well.


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