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Shot in the Ass

August 15, 2012

A Nevada man with a totin’ permit was in a movie theatre when he managed to shoot himself in the ass with his own handgun. Two problems jump out even though the article is rather brief.

One: The gun owner claimed that the handgun fell out of his pocket while he was moving around in his seat. If that’s the case, why wasn’t he using a holster or other retention device? I don’t know which gun he had, or how he was carrying it, but the market is flooded with products for a large variety of firearms and carry methods. The point of these devices is to keep the handgun where the owner put it. That prevents crap like this from happening.

Then again, I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if he was playing with his gun. Some people like to do that for God only knows what reason. For these types, I suggest buying blue guns and molesting them to heart’s content.

Two: He went on to state that the firearm discharged when it hit the floor. This is an extremely unlikely event because almost all the carry guns out there are drop safe. The exceptions are a) very-old guns, which are rarely used as carry pieces and b) modern handguns that are not in good, working order (also rare).

In other words, I suspect that the guy played Catch the Falling Gun and, sadly, lost. That’s more common than a carry gun going bang without somebody or something pulling the trigger.

Whether I’m right or wrong about my speculation, that guy screwed up. If he used a decent holster, and if he left his gun alone until he was ready to take off his carry rig at home, the gun would not have discharged a round in the movie theater. Period.


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