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He’s Not a Nice Guy

August 17, 2012

One of the iPads stolen from Steve Jobs’ home ended up with one of the thief’s friends; law enforcement recovered that device and, naturally, the guy holding it says he had no idea that it was stolen. FOX News reports that 35-year-old Kariem McFarlin got into the house and spent fifteen hours cleaning out the joint. He swiped everything from Jobs’ wallet and driver’s license to Cristal champagne and electronics (iPads, Mac computers, so forth and so on). The good guys caught the asshole, who’s sitting in jail (bail is half a million).

The friend, Kenneth Kahn, had this to say about the thief:

“He’s a nice guy who made a horrible, horrible decision,” Kahn said. “Before the public sees him as this horrible monster, I’d like to hopefully think we can somehow get across that he just made the worst mistake of his life.”

No. “Nice guys” do not steal. The fact that McFarlin ripped off lots of expensive goods that belonged to Steve Jobs matters not one bit. He could have stolen five bucks from a cash register, charity jar on the counter, or church offering plate and it would still be wrong. Thievery is thievery. At thirty-five years of age, McFarlin is well past “old enough to know better.”

I do, however, agree that McFarlin made a “horrible, horrible decision.” He chose to do what he did; this was intentional. I’ll also point out that McFarlin made a stupid decision. What kind of idiot steals Apple electronics and then logs in with his iTunes account? Moron.

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