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A Few Words on Holsters

August 20, 2012

The guy in Nevada who shot himself in the ass. Taurus’ latest video, which shows a woman using a crappy, nylon holster without any sort of belt. The horrifying knowledge that I can walk into my local Walmart and, for not even twenty bucks, walk out with a Blackhawk! tactical, nylon holster.

Nylon holsters look fully functional, and the price is usually right, but I hate them. A $16 version was my first holster, which was fine until I got tired of the stupid thing sliding around on my belt. This retention device didn’t actually retain my handgun; it just held it somewhere kind of close to where I’d put on everything that morning. God forbid I have to run or even jog while wearing that piece of junk. Oh, and I was using a nice, thick, sturdy belt, which should have made a difference. It did not. Whether I wore that belt, a thinner one, or none whatsoever, the holster slid around and generally pissed me off.

But for the few months I used that holster, I was carrying a handgun. That’s better than not having one at all, but is no excuse for sticking with a piece of crap holster forever.


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