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Glenn Beck and David Barton

August 23, 2012

Remember David Barton’s book, The Jefferson Lies, that Thomas Nelson pulled because the author turned out to be full of crap? The one that a couple of scholars (conservatives and Christians, no less) wrote their own book specifically to vet? The best-seller that was making the publisher money and, therefore, was not a title they were eager to yank?

Glenn Beck’s working on re-releasing the title with minimal editing despite the bullshit. Barton states that he’s going to reintroduce some of the content that Thomas Nelson weeded out, too. I’m hardly surprised at Beck’s decision considering the fact that Barton is a Beck University lecturer.*

Oh, and just for the record, these two are on my team. This isn’t a random hate-the-other-side attack on my part. I’m genuinely sorry that these people are out there, pushing their agenda without bothering to educate themselves. Worse, Beck is running around making money off his half-assed "university," where he gleefully promotes Barton’s nonsense even if it means having to re-publish the pulled book himself.

* I’m not knocking less-formal or informal education. The overwhelming majority of the things you and I learn came about outside of a classroom. I’m just knocking Beck University in particular. If you want to know more about any kind of history, go buy or borrow some books and read. That won’t make you a highly respected authority like Barton—cough, cough—but you’ll earn yourself a working knowledge of history. Want to learn or hone some math skills? Go to Khan Academy. Interested in science, economics, publishing, woodworking, or basket weaving? Find the nearest library. If you want to go to college, then go to college. You can learn some great things there.

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