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Concealed Carry Here, But Not There

October 8, 2012

Over the weekend, I ended up at a couple of animal shelters. No, I’m not adopting yet another kitty; Jay, my kid sister (who’s not really a kid anymore, being more than old enough to pay for my beer when we go out…hehe) wants a couple of lil’ fuzz balls.

The first facility is a privately owned, no-kill shelter that’s really nice. The cat room is badass; it has lots of space for the goobers along with toys, a watering system that ensures they always have fresh H20, and plenty of nice, fluffy bedding. Also, they’re Plexiglas-fronted habitats, so you can stand there and watch the kitties try to convince you to take them home by being ridiculously cute. When you want to play with the kitties, somebody lets you into their little rooms…or brings out the cats. Really, it’s a cool setup and I’m glad that it exists. There were some older kitties there, who’re the hardest to re-home because they aren’t cute, little babies. But they seem to have all right lives at this shelter. They certainly don’t look neglected and most were happy to socialize with me.

However, I had a bit of a detour before getting into the shelter to see all that cool stuff. When I got to the building’s front door, I had to ask Jay to let me back into her car. That’s because the place was properly posted with legally binding signs that, in my not-so-humble opinion, fuck over Concealed Handgun License holders. If I carry my handgun past that sign, I’m committing a crime—even if nobody ever sees the firearm. However, laws are laws, so I didn’t even consider just keeping the Glock concealed and not saying anything; I’m a law-abiding citizen which, by its very definition, means that I do what the sign says even though I think it’s stupid.

Wanting to check out another shelter, Jay and I ended up just down the street at the city-run place. They did not have the signs that are present at the first facility, so in I went—no big deal.

Naturally, I lost my shit because somebody looked at me the wrong way, so I pulled out my gun and shot up the place. The only reason I didn’t do that at the first shelter was because the sign stated that I could not legally carry my firearm into their building. The words printed on the dead trees are magical like that.


To even get a CHL, I have to pass background checks; take a class that includes both practical and written exams; and pay money I’d rather spend on something like lots and lots of ammo for target practice. Not only am I very familiar with the rules I have to follow as a CHL holder…I’m also utterly uninterested in having my shiny bit of plastic taken away. (Unless it’s because the State of Texas decides that such permission slips are no longer necessary. When that finally happens, I might have a license-burning party. Or something.)

So, I can legally carry into one shelter, but not another one that’s literally two minutes away by car. What—do people think I’m going to stop being a decent person during the trip? That I’m going to go bat-poo crazy in one facility and not the other? That I’m less trustworthy in Location X than Location Y because of some other, bizarre reason they simply won’t tell me about?

I don’t get it, but people don’t expect me to understand. They just want me to obey the laws.


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  1. Tom permalink

    I don’t know the exact recipe of the political sausage that added 30.06 to the TX penal code, but I would guess that it was put in to satisfy some state senator or rep in order to get the CHL laws passed. Kind of like the 11th hour machine gun ban added to the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act. But if you believe that the law is wrong for entities that are open to the public — like stores or animal shelters — to prohibit you from carrying a weapon that is 100% legal once you’re outside their door, how far do you push it? I’m not quite ready to raise gun rights to something like the civil rights movement or women’s voting rights, but those activists broke existing laws to make the country a better place. Would it be a kind of civil disobedience to carry concealed in a place marked with a 30.06? Me and my new XDs are trying to figure that one out.

    • Hi, Tom, and thanks for commenting.

      I don’t carry past 30.06 signs. I don’t carry into other, prohibited places. Why not? I don’t want to deal with the consequences. Sure, the odds of anybody finding out are very, very slim, but I’d rather not take the risk. Perhaps that makes me a chicken, but I really can’t afford an attorney to help me plead my case and, possibly, help get some of the dumb restrictions removed.

      Most of the time, when I encounter a 30.06 sign, I take my business elsewhere. If a property owner can tell me I can’t bring a lawful item into his or her establishment, I can certainly give my money, and good recommendations, to a competitor. After I get home, I send the manager of the posted business a polite letter explaining why I’m not a customer. That doesn’t change the world in huge ways, but I’ve seen 30.06 signs disappear (usually because of several peoples’ efforts). In most of those cases, the people in charge didn’t know, until people like me pointed it out, that they were telling law-abiding, sane, licensed-to-carry citizens that we weren’t welcome in those businesses.

      That’s my approach, anyway.

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