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Voter ID: Not Disenfranchisement

I’m a Texan. Like all the other parts of this country, we have people here who aren’t eligible to vote in our elections for various reasons (too young; criminal convictions; not here legally; whatever). We also have people who are all too happy to stuff ballot boxes and do other, rotten things because "election integrity" means precisely jack to them.

I fully support my state’s attempt to make all voters show valid ID before casting our ballots. Why? Because voting is essential to liberty. I’m an eligible voter who goes out and casts ballots when the polling places are open. Fraudulent voting compromises this process; stuffing ballot boxes means that my vote doesn’t matter and will be overwhelmed not by citizens playing by the same rules and laws as I do, but by scum-sucking, cheating sons of bitches. Even if the cheaters are voting for the same candidates I am, fraudulently cast ballots erode an election’s integrity and, therefore, should not be tolerated at all.

I must provide valid identification of one sort or another (driver’s license, state-issued ID, birth certificate, Social Security card, etc.) before I:

-Open a bank account
-Cash a check or money order (including government checks)
-Open accounts with places like the electric company
-Get a job (even for temporary work at an agency like Manpower)
-Join the military
-Rent a post-office box
-Get a library card
-Purchase a firearm
-Get my Concealed Handgun License
-Gamble (lotto tickets, a trip to Oklahoma or Vegas, whatever)
-Get on an airplane
-Drink (or buy the alcohol to take home)
-Buy tobacco
-Pay by check (mostly outdated these days, but it does still happen from time to time)
-Get my college ID card
-Purchase certain kinds of allergy medicine (in fact, that information is logged, along with how much I purchase)
-Do business with a rental yard, agency, whatever
-See the doctor (even when I’m paying all by myself, with cash, they want ID)

Other, miscellaneous things worth noting:

-Before I could play baseball as a child, my mother had to produce my birth certificate.
-Alcohol, tobacco, and firearms are hardly the only controlled substances out there, whether by law or store policy. I must identify myself before I purchase spray paint, R-rated DVDs, Sharpie markers, and a bunch of other things. Why? Because the government and/or Walmart said so.
-I have to have a valid driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle on public roads (versus driving in the field on my property, which is how all the Mains kids started learning to drive).
-If I want to leave the U.S. for whatever reason (vacation, business trip, so forth and so on), I must have a valid passport.
-On military installations, no military or dependent ID means no sale. If I forgot my ID or didn’t have one (like when, as a teenager, I visited one of my cousins), cashiers could not, and would not, sell me so much as a pack of gum. When I forgot my ID during one PX visit, the cashier couldn’t do anything for me even though a) she recognized me and b) I was in uniform.

Why in the world shouldn’t I have to identify myself before I vote?

I’d be far more inclined to agree with objections to a voter-ID requirement here in Texas if there were evidence that eligible voters were being screwed by anybody but themselves. It isn’t the state’s fault, or my fault, or anybody else’s fault, that Voter X does not take care of business before the last-possible minute. Elections are scheduled well in advance, so there’s no excuse for a lack of personal responsibility. Yes, I’m sympathetic when unexpected problems happen, but most of the objections to voter ID would not be issues if individuals did what we, as adults, are supposed to do.


Playing Catch-up

Was out of the house from 7-1:30; Dad had a VA appointment and needed a ride. (Standard procedure, but he was woozy afterward.)

Feel free to talk amongst yourselves while I go catch up on stuff.

Burning Down Stuff Can be Cool

The Brits weren’t all bad a couple of hundred years ago, as Borepatch points out. They did, after all, burn the White House and Capitol to the ground while leaving privately owned buildings be. Major General Ross, I salute you, sir.

Glenn Beck and David Barton

Remember David Barton’s book, The Jefferson Lies, that Thomas Nelson pulled because the author turned out to be full of crap? The one that a couple of scholars (conservatives and Christians, no less) wrote their own book specifically to vet? The best-seller that was making the publisher money and, therefore, was not a title they were eager to yank?

Glenn Beck’s working on re-releasing the title with minimal editing despite the bullshit. Barton states that he’s going to reintroduce some of the content that Thomas Nelson weeded out, too. I’m hardly surprised at Beck’s decision considering the fact that Barton is a Beck University lecturer.*

Oh, and just for the record, these two are on my team. This isn’t a random hate-the-other-side attack on my part. I’m genuinely sorry that these people are out there, pushing their agenda without bothering to educate themselves. Worse, Beck is running around making money off his half-assed "university," where he gleefully promotes Barton’s nonsense even if it means having to re-publish the pulled book himself.

* I’m not knocking less-formal or informal education. The overwhelming majority of the things you and I learn came about outside of a classroom. I’m just knocking Beck University in particular. If you want to know more about any kind of history, go buy or borrow some books and read. That won’t make you a highly respected authority like Barton—cough, cough—but you’ll earn yourself a working knowledge of history. Want to learn or hone some math skills? Go to Khan Academy. Interested in science, economics, publishing, woodworking, or basket weaving? Find the nearest library. If you want to go to college, then go to college. You can learn some great things there.


I’m a ginger.

One of my birthmarks is a thumbnail-sized blob that looks like a giant freckle.

As some of you know, gingers receive a new freckle for each soul we steal.

That large one of mine? School bus full of kids. They never saw me coming.

Kurt Cobain Has Always Been Dead

This year’s "Mindset List," courtesy of Beloit, is out. When I struggle to grasp how a whole bunch of college freshmen weren’t around during Kurt Cobain’s time on this planet, I try to remember that some of my readers remember plenty of things that I don’t.

Monster Hunter Legion

I just finished Monster Hunter Legion. If you haven’t picked up that little gem yet, you’re missing out. The "Monster Hunter" series goes back to Owen and his colleagues, who’re dealing with a monster worse than anything Owen’s seen before. (And he’s fought some crazy monsters.)

All in all, the entire series is a fun, exciting, enjoyable romp. With guns. Lots and lots of guns.